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DEFEKTO – The Grape Vol.1 Vinyl LP


DEFEKTO – The Grape Vol.1 LP

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Born of the sun of Brazil, DJ DFKT aka Defekto came as a child via Frankfurt to Leipzig and brings back the last Sunbeams in wave form, sweet juicy like a grape he adjust 15 beats in a fresh experience. He made songs with many good artists and friends around the globe known as Guilty Simpson, Illa Ghee, Phat Kat, Lil Pepe, Black Milk, Foul Monday, and so on. At the beginning of the year he went to Los Angeles in the Dr. Greenthumb Studio to record a single with B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. As the dimensions changed, a few things remained the same: a playful musical impulsiveness that filters the Brazilian way of life into German life reality. Defekto, next stop „The Grape Vol.1“!


1. Whuzzup Seize (02:02)

2. Midnight Owl (02:57)

3. Splitt (02:29)

4. Keep It Real Skit (00:51)

5. Piombo (01:16)

6. Medium Light (02:16)

7. Charly (02:36)

8. Bloody Mary Skit (01:57)

9. Every Day (02:48)

10. Whose (01:56)

11. Sweet Popcorn (03:05)

12. Pur Pur (02:15)

13. The Hate Skit (00:47)

14. Master Blunt (02:36)

15. Lady Report (02:47)

16. K-Chef (02:50)